About Civil Services As A Career

Dear Candidate, I would like to share a few things with you regarding Civil Services Examination. As you know Civil Services Examination is considered to be one of the toughest examinations. But I believe that there is no such thing as EASY or DIFFICULT per se because I feel that it is our thinking that makes it so. Therefore, if you begin your journey to IAS with a positive attitude that ‘YES, I CAN DO IT’, then trust me your journey would not only become a pleasant and enjoyful learning experience but also far more easier than otherwise. Further, before you decide to take Civil Services Examination or any other examination, make sure that your decision is well thought of. For that, firstly, you must take time and introspect and see whether your aptitude and interest matches with the career that you are planning to choose. Since it is the most important step for anyone, any amount of time spent on this is worth.


Secondly, whatever decision you take must be your own independent decision and must be taken with the conviction that whatever may be the outcome you will never regret having taken such decision. Thirdly, one must also make a comparative analysis of the requirements or the level of preparation that an examination demands and the ability or level of preparation one actually has. This is important because it will not only help you in placing the examination in right perspective but also enable you to set realistic expectations from yourself. It will also go a long way in guarding you from negative thoughts often arising out of self-doubts during the course of preparation. Thus, saving you both, time as well as energy.


Last, but not the least, I would like to caution those students who go on a shopping spree collecting study material from various coaching institutes during the course of their preparation for this examination. I wish to make it clear that this examination does not require too much of content. Rather, on the basis of my personal experience as well as that of toppers, I can confidently say that this examination is less about content and more about analysis, both comparative as well as contemporary.


That’s why in light of the changing pattern of the Civil Services Examination, I always suggest my students to:


Read Adequately   *   Think Logically   *   Write Relevantly

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