Answer Writing Strategy for Sociology Optional

Getting good marks in optional is all about answer writing skills. As the examiner judges the person on the basis of his/ her answers, thus being thorough with the answer writing is extremely important for your UPSC journey. In this article we will discuss the Answer Writing Strategy for Sociology Optional.

  • Be thorough with the syllabus – Learning each and every word of your Sociology Optional syllabus is the first step towards your preparation. It helps you target what is relevant when you read newspapers and magazines.
  • Prepare wellWriting good sociology optional answers is only possible with reasonable knowledge of the topics. Thus focus on completion of your syllabus and keep doing multiple revisions in order to strengthen the concepts.
  • Build concepts – Focus on the concept building and not mugging the answers as many questions may not be direct and thus conceptual clarity helps counter all sorts of questions effectively. At Sociology Optional by Aditya Mongra Sir, the focus is laid on imparting the conceptual clarity to the students.
  • Make your own notes – One must make short notes in his/ her own language which facilitates quick revision and practice of writing as well. One must be ready with a list of key words to be used while writing answers.
  • Refer to the best source and guidance – Markets are flooded with material due to which a student may get confused, students who cannot come to Delhi can opt for the Sociology Postal Course of Aditya Mongra Sir, which is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of the syllabus.
  • Previous year question papers – Read the PYQs multiple times and make them your guide while preparing, it will help you understand the demands of UPSC and thus help you prepare accordingly.
  • Answer copies of the toppers – There is an abundance of answer copies of previous year toppers on various websites this will help aspirants understand the current trend which helps gain more and more marks.
  • Daily answer writing – Once you are done with a reasonable amount of syllabus start practicing UPSC sociology answer writing” on a regular basis, it will help you in better understanding of the topics and thus polishing your skills. 
  • Improve the speed of thinking and writing – With regular practice one has to fasten their thinking ability because you have very limited time in which you have to read the question, understand it, think for the answer and write it. Sociology Optional Daily answer writing will help you in better brainstorming. 
  • Add authenticity – One’s answers have to be written from a sociological perspective and should not look like GS Paper answers. Thus adding the names of sociologists and some theories will help you gain the brownie points.
  • Add diagrams and charts – Always be creative and innovative while conveying your thoughts to the examiner. Adding some flow charts will help you convey your concept more clearly and will make your answer copy stand different from the crowd. Prepare some flow charts and diagrams beforehand to save time during final exams.
  • Test series – Joining a good test series will help in revision, practice. It will also let you know about your shortcomings which you can work upon before your D-Day. One can join Sociology test series of Aditya Mongra Sir, they provide individual feedback that too by sir himself

Introduction to Sociology: Concepts and Theories by Brij Mohan

Thus writing good answers is not a rocket science one has to be thorough with his planning and should progress in a phased manner. This clarity comes with the right guidance which is provided at Sociology by Aditya Mongra coaching in Delhi”. The institute has a history of giving hundreds of selections; it has been trusted by thousands of students.

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