Best Sociology Optional Correspondence Course for UPSC

A sociology optional correspondence course is one wherein you get all the study material at your home via post, and you do not have to spend time commuting and searching for the best in the market. Sociology by Aditya Mongra offers an optional postal course at a very affordable price, with the well researched content, that will help students get deeper understanding of the subject as per the requirements of the UPSC.

Sir Aditya Mongra’s sociology postal course is best for the students who live at distant places or do not have time to attend lectures regularly. Through this curse one will never feel the dearth of knowledge, as it takes you through the subject just like the lectures of the sir.

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Why is Aditya Mongra’s Sociology Optional Correspondence Course the Best 

  • Well researched – The Postal course content has been developed by Aditya Sir himself, sir is a renowned faculty of Sociology in Delhi. The course clearly caters to the needs of the UPSC. And assimilates all the areas of the “Sociology Optional Syllabus comprehensively.
  • Properly framed – The course is designed in a proper and orderly manner, where the sections are properly divided to make it easier for the students to go through the topics in a sequential manner and not get confused while covering the syllabus.
  • Inclusive of current affairs – The content also includes the articles from important journals along with the mention of contemporary issues which helps students develop the interlinking between static and current.
  • Helps in developing writing skills –  The language of the entire course is very decent and is framed in such a way that it helps students in learning the proper format of Sociology Optional answer writing and improving thereupon.
  • Affordable – The most important thing is the affordability of the course. It costs only 3000 + GST if the student receives himself and 4000 + GST if received via post.

Thus opting for the ‘sociology postal course of Aditya Mongra sir’ will be a win – win situation for the students as it will give you quality education in less amount of time, that too at affordable price, also guiding you for the daily answer writing practice for sociology optional. And once the students are done with the completion of the syllabus from the course they can join the Sociology Optional Test Series  by Aditya Mongra, which will help in revision and consolidation of the preparation.

Hurry up and give a boost to your preparation. 


FAQs on Sociology Optional Correspondence Course –

  • Why should I choose sociology Optional?

Sociology Optional has a number of benefits which has resulted in the subject becoming popular among aspirants. It is considered that Sociology is an easy optional, one does not need to have an academic background to study it, sociology is a scoring subject as well getting 300+ marks is not an uphill task, the syllabus is concise as compared to many other optional and thus can be covered in the time span of 4 – 4.5 months, it also helps in other papers like in GS Papers and in the Essay paper as well.

  • What is the price of Sociology Optional Postal Course by Aditya Mongra Sir?

Sociology optional postal course by Aditya Mongra sir is very affordable. It costs only 4000 + GST if ordered via post and only 3000 + GST if one is received from the institute. At such an affordable price one gets to study from the notes compiled by Aditya Sir himself, the notes are very well compiled in an orderly manner.

  • How much time it takes to cover the Sociology Optional?

The syllabus of Sociology optional is short and concise and it takes only 4 – 5 months to cover the syllabus along with that it also does not require any academic background. A well planned and guided approach will help the students sail through. Students can join the guidance of Sociology by Aditya Mongra Sir if they want to prepare under expert’s guidance.

  • How to prepare Sociology well for the exam?

Preparing Sociology Optional for the UPSC CSE is not a rocket science. One shall start with understanding the syllabus and then making a proper plan, one must be very selective while choosing the sources, revision and answer writing practice is the key, and the most important thing is consistency, as it said that ‘Success is not always about greatness. It’s about consistency’.