How Do You Prepare for The Sociology Optional
How Do You Prepare for The Sociology Optional

Devotion and dedication are necessary if you are preparing for the UPSC exam. Many UPSC aspirants choose sociology optional as their main subject because of its easy theoretical concepts. If you compare it with the other subjects i.e. history, geography, etc., you will find its learning easier because you don’t need to mug up the chronological dates and facts.

You can cover the whole sociology optional course within 3-4 months if you do your studies with devotion and dedication. You can join the best sociology coaching for UPSC i.e. Aditya Mongra sir’s sociology coaching classes and get the proper guidance.

Read the following tips to prepare the strategy for Sociology optional:

  • NCERT Books – Before reading the advanced level, read the basics of sociology from the NCERT books. NCERT Books of Sociology are sufficient to give you the knowledge of its basic concepts.
  • GS Papers – Some concepts of the Sociology optional are linked with the GS Papers. While doing the preparation for the UPSC exam, you should link those concepts to understand them in a better way within a limited time.
  • Make Notes – Make brief notes on the important topics as these will aid in your revision. The notes should cover all the valuable points of the topics. Paper 2 of sociology optional is dynamic in nature, and hence the questions are asked are based on the theoretical concepts of sociology and current affairs. You need to make effective notes for this paper.
  • Answer Writing – Regular answer writing is a must for getting the maximum marks in the sociology optional paper. You should take the guidance from the best sociology teacher for UPSC i.e. Aditya Mongra sir. He will guide you on how to incorporate the relevant information, facts, data, theories, etc. in the answers. He will instruct you on how to create a better formation of the answers to fetch high marks in the exam.
  • Test Series – You should get the best test series for Sociology optional to evaluate your performance before the final exams of UPSC. You can get the Aditya Mongra’s test series i.e. the best sociology optional test series 2022 to get the maximum help in your subject.
  • Clear Your Doubts – You should clear your doubts from your teachers without any hesitation because, for the best preparation for the UPSC exam, you should have an in-depth knowledge of the subject.
  • Read the Newspapers –  Get the value-added education by reading the newspapers daily. In this way, you will be able to include the current affairs in your answers because this is a highly competitive subject and therefore, the generic answers can’t help you score higher marks. Read the editorial section of the newspapers The Hindu and The Indian Express to enlarge your learning area.
  • Enlarge Vocabulary – For making your answers more presentable, your vocabulary should be good. Aditya Mongra sir emphasizes enlarging the vocabulary of the UPSC aspirants so that they will do better than their competitors.

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