If you are preparing for the Civil Services Examination, you will get a list of 48 subjects. Out of these 48 subjects, the UPSC aspirants have to choose one optional subject. You have to make this decision very wisely as this subject carries 500 marks. Your one wrong choice of optional subject will make you score low marks and hence, you will go one step backward from your aim. Sociology optional has been emerging as one of the best optional subjects for the UPSC exam as the sociology optional course offers you a vast range of comprehensive study material.

But you should be careful while choosing this as your optional subject. Know your interests and background very well. If you have an interest in learning theoretical concepts, you will find it the best choice for yourself. You will find it useful for other reasons also as this subject has some topics related to the GS Papers. Hence, you should choose the best coaching for sociology optional to get the proper guidance for preparing excellently.

The size of the subject is short and it can be covered within 3-4 months very easily. You can join Aditya Mongra sir’s sociology class to get the excellent mentorship that will help you to get excellent marks in the future.

Read the following tips to know how to prepare sociology optional within 3 -4 months:

Interlink with GS Papers –

If you want to excel in the sociology optional paper, then you should analyse those concepts that are common between sociology optional papers and GS papers. In this way, you will get more time to learn more. 

Vast Study Material –

You will get an extensive range of sociology optional study material that you can get on various platforms i.e. journals, websites, books, blogs, newspapers, etc. But you should take the assistance from the best teacher for sociology optional i.e. Aditya Mongra sir who will guide you to grasp the in-depth knowledge.

Read the Newspapers –

You should read the newspapers daily to keep yourself updated about current affairs. Read the editorial part of the newspapers i,e. The Hindu and The Indian Express. Incorporate value-based information in your answers to get the best outcomes.

Writing Skills –

You should do the effort to learn how to write analytically based answers. Do the practice of forming the paragraphs in the best way and adding the relevant information and facts to make your answers more presentable and scoring. Take the best guidance from the best sociology coaching for UPSC i.e. Aditya Mongra’s sociology coaching class.

Regular Revision –

The best way to revise the sociology optional course is to make brief notes. Always remember to make the brief notes informative and factual. All the important points should be covered in those brief points so that you will be able to do the revision within a short time.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and crack the Civil Services Exams on your first attempt.

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