Is Sociology A Good Optional For UPSC? Which Is The Best Coaching For Sociology Optional UPSC?

Sociology is a good optional for UPSC and thus has become a very popular optional in recent years. Choosing a good optional is extremely important in UPSC preparation because optional subject plays the role of the deciding factor in your selection or rejection. 

The weightage of an Optional subject is 500 marks in Mains which is humongous and if proper strategy is followed under right guidance, scoring 300+ is not impossible. Every year many students score 300 + and bag their favourite services.

Sociology is the best optional for UPSC because-

  • No background needed – Sociology as a subject does not demand any special technical knowledge any student with basic level of understanding can perform well.
  • Short and Simple Syllabus – Sociology Optional can be mastered in the time span of 4 – 5 months, if followed with the right strategy. One can join Sociology by Aditya Mongra to get a better understanding. 
  • Guidance – Opting for the best coaching for Sociology Optional is always beneficial as it helps in reducing your efforts and time which can be utilized in other sections of the exam.
  • Availability of resources – Being a popular subject, markets are flooded with resources of Sociology optional which makes a student confused, distracting his/ her preparation. One can choose postal course of Sociology Optional for best guidance.
  • Overlap with the GS Papers – Sociology optional helps in performing well in GS Papers as well especially in Paper 1, which has similar topics.
  • Essay – Sociology helps in writing a multi dimensional essay, making you score more.
  • Personality Test – Sociology helps in understanding the issues of society with rationality, adding to the level of maturity of a person.

However, gaining advantage of an Optional depends on the guidance one gets during preparation thus it is extremely important especially for freshers to join the best coaching for Sociology Optional, wherein they can get deeper insight into the syllabus. Sociology by Aditya Mongra sir has been trusted by thousands of students.


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Sociology by Aditya Mongra is the best coaching for Sociology Optional in Delhi because – 

  • Experienced faculty – Aditya Sir is highly qualified and well read in Sociology, sir is very experienced and has taught in some famous institutes of UPSC.
  • Result oriented – Sir has written success stories of many candidates and is dedicated towards each candidate as he believes that every candidate has the potential, which makes him best faculty for Sociology Optional.
  • Focus on concept building – As a student clear with the concepts will answer both direct and indirect questions effectively, as said by sir- Read Less, Think more. Write Less, Convey More.
  • Timely completion of the Syllabus – The entire Sociology Optional will be covered in the time span of 4 – 5 months, giving students enough time for revision and practice.
  • Focus on Answer Writing – There is discussion on Sociology Answer writing after every topic, as per the pattern of the UPSC.
  • Small batches – Batches are not overcrowded so that each student has an equal chance to clear their doubts.
  • Comprehensive NotesSociology Optional Notes by Aditya Mongra Sir are very elaborate, comprehensive and to the point making it easy for the aspirants to understand.
  • Interactive Classes – The classes are Communicative, sir encourages students to clear their doubts, and also provides personal guidance to the students.
  • Postal Course – The Sociology Optional Postal course by Aditya Mongra sir is very beneficial especially for the students who cannot come to Delhi. The easy language helps in developing deeper understanding and writing better answers.
  • Test Series – The ‘Sociology Test Series’ is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of the syllabus, that too at a very affordable price. Students have two options: either they can opt for full length or the mini test series. The feedback is provided by Aditya Mongra sir himself.

Thus joining the best coaching for Sociology Optional will aid you ace the exam. Sociology Optional by Aditya Mongra sir is a trustable institute because of experienced faculty, constant results and good quality lectures provided to the students. Join Aditya Mongra coaching classes if you also want to score good in Sociology Optional.