• Next Batch: Starting in Oct. 2023
  • Total 10 Tests (8 Sectional + 2 Complete Syllabus Tests)
  • Fee: 2500 Each Test (including 18% GST)
  • Fee for 10 Tests: 20,000 (including 18% GST)
  • Total Seats: 50
  • All Tests would be of 3 hours duration; Total Seats: 50
  • Feedback on Individual Basis by Aditya Mongra Sir
  • Including Last Look (Important Questions and Current Social Issues for Mains Exam Every Year)
  • Including Analysis of Sociology Optional Papers (UPSC)

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Best Test Series for Sociology 2024 (Online)

Best Test Series for Sociology Optional for UPSC Online Fresh Batch starts after Prelims every year

Comprehensive Test Series: Total 10 Tests (8 Sectional + 2 Complete Syllabus Tests); 20,000 (including 18% GST).

The time duration for each test of Aditya Mongra Sir's Sociology Test Series  3 hrs.

Limited seats (only 50) are available.

You can also access the online test series for Sociology IAS 2024.

Feedback from Aditya Mongra Sir (best online teacher for Sociology optional) will help the students to evaluate their performance in UPSC Mains Exam.

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Features of IAS Sociology Optional Classes

Completion of Syllabus

Completion of syllabus within time; In-depth knowledge; Best place to prepare for IAS Sociology Mains 2024. Hence, without any delay join the best Sociology optional coaching in Delhi. Our UPSC Sociology faculty also provides the Sociology optional UPSC online classes

Best Mentoring

The UPSC Sociology best faculty is available in our best coaching institute for Sociology optional; Aditya Mongra a renowned name in Delhi for coaching the IAS Sociology Optional students by providing them with the best online Sociology test series UPSC

Online Test Series

Aditya Mongra Sociology Mains test series (offline/ online Sociology test series) start in June 2024. Comprehensive Test Series Total 10 Tests (8 Sectional and 2 complete). Sociology IAS test series (Mini Test Series) includes 4 complete syllabus tests.

Postal Course

The entire Study Material for Paper-I and Paper-II is available in Hard Copy covering almost the entire syllabus. Paper-II notes primarily consist of important chapters and articles from various textbooks and journals.

Emphasis on the Current Affairs

Current developments in social issues are incorporated regularly for value addition in answers and score better than other candidates. Hence, join the Aditya Mongra Sir Sociology optional class to get the best learning experience.

Interview Guidance Program

Complete Syllabus Coverage Through Structured Online Classes, Practice Tests, Current Affairs Quizzes & More.

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Foundation Course, Crash Course, Test Series and Postal Course
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What Our Students Saying

Amruta M. Patil Student, CSE 2021-22

Sociology Optional Class Lectures While searching for the best optional class lectures, I came to know about Aditya Mongra Sir. Sir is offering the best sociology optional class lectures both online and offline. I have registered for the online foundation course and test series that has been developed by Sir. The best part is that after each examination, Sir is personally evaluating the tests and discussing the tests individually.

Shivansh Joshi Student, CSE 2021-22

Aditya Mongra Sir Sociology Optional Class I have joined Aditya Mongra Sir Sociology Optional Class a few months before. I had doubts about sociology because I am a commerce student and have zero knowledge of sociology. However, with Sir’s teaching now I am understanding the subject. In his classes, Aditya sir is completing the whole sociology paper I and paper II before the IAS Mains examination.

Pratikhsha Yadav Student, CSE 2021-22

Online Classes for Sociology Optional for UPSC I have recently joined Aditya Mongra Sir for online classes for the sociology optional for UPSC. Last year, I was confused about what subject to take. But after joining Aditya Sir's online classes my concepts in sociology have become clear. Sir keeps us on our toes with his regular verbal and written class tests. Sir pays personal attention to each and every student and answers all our queries with patience."

Ravindra Pal Student, CSE 2020-21

Sociology Optional Classes in Pune So, searching for the best sociology option classes in Pune, I came across Aditya Mongra Sir sociology optional classes. I will ask all the IAS aspirants to join the courses offered by Aditya sir. You can blindly trust sir as he is awesome and friendly. Sir has excellent knowledge about sociology as well as IAS and will complete the syllabus within a few months of the examination.

Ritika Sandhu Student, CSE 2021-22

Sociology Optional Classes Online Aditya Mongra Sir offers the best sociology option at classes online. You can join sir’s classes to kickstart your career journey. After joining the classes, Sir has taken daily verbal tests and many class tests. With the class tests, my answer writing skills have improved and I am able to write in the limited time and word limit.

Dheeraj Rana Student, CSE 2021-22

Sociology Optional Classes in Delhi If you are looking for the best sociology optional classes in Delhi, then you have to visit Aditya Mongra Sir. You can directly contact sir for class details. I have joined the online classes offered by Sir. The best part is that Sir provides attention to each of the students. After each weekly class, Sir asks verbal questions and conducts examinations.

Aparna Gupta AIR 38, CSE 2017-18

Online classes for sociology optional Aditya sir is offering the best online classes for sociology optional. He has set some guidelines and a routine to complete the whole syllabus. Sir is also offering test series and conducting weekly tests. You can join the classes either online or offline.

Akhil Lakra Student, CSE 2021-22

Best Online Classes for Sociology Optional Aditya Sir offers the best online classes for sociology optional. Sir completes A to z of sociology syllabus with exclusive emphasis on answer-writing practice. You will also learn good communication skills. Sir has arranged extra classes for the students who are weak in some modules.

Sachin Nayal Student, CSE 2021-22

Sociology Optional Online Classes 2022 I was confused about what to select as my optional subject in IAS. However, later I came to know about Aditya Mongra Sir. I attended one demo class and decided to opt for sociology optional. Aditya Mongra Sir is providing the best sociology optional classes in 2022. He is carefully completing the whole syllabus and I am satisfied.

Nitisha Thakwani Student, CSE 2021-22

Sociology Optional Classes I recently passed IAS prelims and I was desperately searching for a good sociology teacher. I came to know about Aditya Mongra Sir. Sir offers one of the best sociology optional classes. He helped me complete the whole sociology paper II syllabus within no time. So, I was prepared before my main exam.

Benson S. Ninan AIR 90, CSE 2017-18

Sociology Optional Online Classes Aditya Mongra Sir is the best sociology teacher. I come from a science background, so I did not have sociology. But Sir guided me well through each of the topics. I scored quite well in Mains because of the Test Series offered by Sir. Also, Sir helped me understand my weak points in the sociology modules.


    FAQs on Sociology Test Series

    Which is the Best Test Series for Sociology Optional?

    To get one of the best test series for sociology optional, you need to enrol in Aditya Mongra Sir sociology optional classes and test series courses. Aditya Mongra Sir offers one of the best sociology optional classes in India. He offers one of the best online and offline sociology optional classes. After each examination, Sir individually assesses the tests and helps the student improve.

    Why should you join sociology optional classes by Aditya Mongra Sir?

    The main reasons why you should join Aditya Mongra Sir sociology optional classes are:

    • Aditya sir is an experienced teacher and your answers will be carefully evaluated and assessed by Sir himself
    • All the sociology optional class lectures are focused on the IAS examinations. Sir will be offering his whole attention to the various models in the sociology optional papers.
    • On the website, you will have his email address and phone number. You can use the contact details to get in touch with Aditya sir directly.
    • Sir would be guiding on various aspects of answer-writing. The students will improve after completing each online test series for sociology.
    • After completing an online test series for sociology, Sir will also provide the model answers. However, Aditya Mongra Sir encourages creativity among his students so they can improve their writing skills.
    • Sir will follow the latest pattern of UPSC. So, students can understand the structure of the question paper. The students will also learn about both Papers I and II.
    Is it necessary to join Sociology Test Series?

    If you want to crack the UPSC examinations and have a better rank, you need to apply for the sociology test series by Aditya Mongra Sir. The sociology test series UPSC will help the students evaluate their preparation before the UPSC MAINS examination. These test series for sociology optional will help each student in many ways:

    The students will learn punctuality. The dates of the sociology test series are pre-decided. So, the students will have mental preparation before the examination. This will help the students to follow punctuality. The students will learn to manage time. Repeated sociology optional test series will improve your writing speed. The prioritization skill of the students will improve. Most of the students have a lot of information on the question. But, they do not have enough time to write everything that they know. With the sociology IAS test series, the students will learn the art of prioritization.

    You will learn the answer format. The content of the topic in each module remains the same. But, with each year, UPSC wants their candidates to update the format of their answers according to the needs of the keywords. Aditya Mongra Sir will help the students write the answer in the prescribed format. Answer writing skills will improve. Sociology is simple and can be easily understood by most students. Even if you did not have sociology in your high school, you will easily understand the subject. 

    However, to have a better score, you need to write a properly constructed sociology answer. This is because generally written answers do not follow the sociology pattern of answers. The examiners who would be checking the sociology papers may not reward it appropriately. So the students might be awarded low marks. But, if the student skilfully writes the same information in a sociological manner, they will get better marks. So, in the sociology optional classes, Aditya sir will help the students develop and improve their sociological answer writing skills.

    Students would be exposed to new questions. When applying for the best test series for sociology, the students will learn many new types of questions. This helps each student to get accustomed to the new conditions and also develop an ability to understand new questions. In the real IAS examination, the students will remain comfortable as they have already experienced new types of questions. Further, the online test series for sociology will also help the students understand each question logically. From the sociology test series by Aditya Mongra, you will learn the following points:

    • You will understand the question better.
    • The students will learn the formatting of the answers
    • The presentation skills of the students will also improve.
    • The students will learn to write a better introduction, proper constructed body and a good conclusion.
    What will you get in the test series (online) by Aditya Mongra Sir?

    The comprehensive test series includes:

    • A total of 10 test papers which includes eight sectional test papers and two complete syllabus test papers
    • All the examinations in the test series will be off 3 hours
    • Individual feedback would be offered to each student by Aditya Mongra Sir.

    Aditya Mongra Sir’s coaching institute is the best coaching center for Sociology Optional Foundation Course (Mentorship Program) and Sociology Test Series. Here, we aim to offer in-depth knowledge to the students. We mentor them to crack the UPSC Exam 2024. The best Sociology optional 2024 test series are provided by Aditya Mongra Sir to help the students practice for the IAS Exam 2024.

    Here, we provide you with Sociology Test Series in 2024 prepared by Aditya Mongra at a very affordable fee if you compare it with the other coaching centres. We provide offline/online test series for Sociology IAS 2024 by Aditya Mongra sir. The fee for Comprehensive Sociology Test Series is Rs. 14,160 and for Mini Sociology Test Series is Rs. 5,900.

    The "online test series for Sociology IAS 2024" is an effective way to prepare for the IAS exams 2024 after the completion of the syllabus of Sociology optional. These Sociology optional 2024 test series consist of 10 sets. Out of these 10 sets of tests, 8 are the sectional tests, and 2 are based on the complete syllabus of Sociology optional UPSC 2024. The time duration that will be given to attempt each set is 3 hrs. After the evaluation of the best test series for Sociology optional, the feedback will be shared by Aditya Mongra sir to make you able to crack the UPSC exam on the first attempt. We also offer Mini Test Series consisting of only 4 complete syllabus tests (2 each for Paper I and II).

    The best Sociology test series in Delhi give the students an opportunity to know their performance for the Civil Services Exam 2024. They come to know their section-wise preparation in Sociology. After getting the good test series for Sociology results and Aditya Mongra Sir’s feedback, they can prepare themselves efficiently for the IAS Sociology optional exam 2024.

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