Sociology Optional Answer Writing for UPSC

Answer writing is a very important part of your UPSC preparation journey, it is your answer that decides the fate of your results. Optional is that part of mains exam wherein you know what will be asked and thus one has be adept in Sociology Optional Answer Writing For UPSC.

The mains exam consists of 9 papers in which the merit is calculated on the basis of seven papers, thus optional plays a huge role as it has a weightage of 500 marks. Here is a list for your ease of understanding.

IAS Exam Paper

Name of the Paper

Nature of the Paper


Paper – A

Indian Language (Compulsory)



Paper – B




Paper –I




Paper –II

General Studies I



Paper –III

General Studies II



Paper –IV

General Studies III



Paper –V

General Studies VI



Paper –VI

Optional Paper I



Paper –VII

Optional Paper II







Tips for Sociology Optional Answer Writing

1) Complete the topics before you start writing, because if you start writing without understanding the topic and other topics related to it, you will not be able to write and you might feel stressed about it.

2) Go through all the previous year questions of Sociology Optional and understand the real demand of the UPSC and what it expects from the candidate. Aditya Sir discusses previous Year Papers in detail in his Sociology Optional Classes.

3) Newspaper is a must, especially for Sociology Optional. Keep adding value to your notes and try to add contemporary issues in your answers wherever necessary, in Aditya Mongra Sociology Optional Batch we focus on teaching students this art of Answer Writing for Sociology Optional.

4) Learn to interlink various topics this will make your answer more holistic and will help you gain brownie points.

5) Understand the demand of question and answer each part of the question in simple and decent language, never beat around the bush as it may affect your marks.

6) In Sociology Optional Answer Writing one has to make sure that they do not write a much generalised answer because the topics are of that nature like casteism, gender, marriage. You should add definitions and names of scholars wherever possible.

7) Try to be creative an draw charts and diagrams wherever possible, try to prepare some diagrams in advance that would help you save time in final exam.

8) And most importantly join a good Sociology Optional Test series, it will help you in mending your mistakes and improve the speed of writing answers. One can join Aditya Mongra Sociology Optional Test Series, the feedback has been very helpful for our students in the past.

Thus answer writing is a tricky part and needs practice along with guidance. You should join Sociology Optional by Aditya Mongra Sir, sir lays immense focus on teaching techniques to improve answer writing, he focuses on daily answer Writing Practice and the tests are also conducted on regular basis to assess the students. Hurry up now, and enrol in our upcoming batch.

Sociology Optional Answer Writing for UPSC FAQs

A) Who is the Best Teacher for Sociology Optional?
Aditya Mongra sir is renowned for his approach towards the subject which is based on delivering conceptual clarity, clearing the doubts of the students, teaching the art of answer writing and motivating students to keep working hard for the students, this makes Aditya Sir best teacher for Sociology Optional in Delhi.

B) Is Sociology a scoring subject?
Yes Sociology Optional is a Scoring Subject thanks to the precise syllabus, ease of understanding and easy availability of the study material and guidance. Every year many students score 300+ in Sociology Optional some are Sanjita Mohapatra, Shrusti Jayant Deshmukh, Anu Kumari and the list goes on.

Scoring 300+ is quiet achievable with the right strategy. One can join Aditya Mongra Sociology Optional Coaching for getting deeper insight into the subject along with Daily Answer Writing Practice for the Sociology Optional.

C) What Books Should I Read for Sociology Optional?
The booklist for Sociology Optional has been shared by our expert faculty Aditya Mongra Sir. Click here (add link of the booklist)

D) How to Prepare Sociology Optional without Coaching?
If you are preparing sociology Optional without Coaching, make sure you do not loose direction as it might cost you dear.
• Start with memorizing entire sociology Optional Syllabus.
• Go through the Sociology Optional Previous Year Question Papers.
• Select your resources and keep them limited.
• Answer Writing Practice is the key.
• Prepare your own notes.
• Study, Revise, Repeat.
• Join a good test series, Aditya Mongra Sociology Test Series is the Best Test Series for Sociology Optional.

Thus following these steps will help you prepare on your own, you can also take Aditya Sir Sociology Optional Notes, and this will help you save time and from reading unnecessary content. The notes have been prepared by Aditya Mongra Sir himself and are very comprehensive.