Sociology test series are important for every IAS aspirant. In the IAS UPSC journey, a student has to give a series of exams and in the Mains exam, a student has to choose an optional subject. Among the available optional subjects, sociology as optional is chosen by aspiring IAS candidates because it is easy and related to human relationships in society. The subject is scoring in nature and has a comprehensive syllabus hence students prefer this subject.

Students prepare for sociology optional IAS and they choose one institute for the exam preparation. In the journey of sociology exam preparation, there is sociology optional test series that play important role in strengthening students’ skill to clear the exam with good marks. Sociology IAS test series focuses on maximizing the student’s score with daily answer writing and additional practice of sociology UPSC.

What is the Sociology test series?

Sociology mains test series is a comprehensive sociology optional course that is designed for aspiring candidates to clear the exam with a good score. Sociology test series UPSC exam series program is designed for sociology optional students. The main goal is to help students strengthen their critical thinking skills by training them for answer writing and exam cracking.

Role of Sociology Test Series UPSC

UPSC sociology test series will assist students in improving their capacity to think sociologically when writing answers and developing the necessary sense of choice (what must be written, what needs to be written, and what can be written). Furthermore, the IAS sociology main test series will assist students with on-the-spot thinking while maintaining the necessary pace for the mains optional examination.

Aditya Mongra sociology test series

After having a clear idea about what sociology optional tests series are students generally look for the best test series for sociology optional for the right preparation. For all those aspiring candidates, Aditya Mongra sociology tests series 2022 are the best to choose. Aditya Mongra Sir is highly experienced and knowledgeable in sociology.

Sir conducts interactive lessons and thorough preparation in small groups, and he has considerable skills and sophisticated knowledge in sociology optional coaching. In his institute, Sir offers candidates frequent online sociology optional lectures and sociology optional test series. Previous year exam papers for sociology optional are also reviewed, as well as lectures on doubt clearing.

Aditya Mongra sociology mains test series highlights

  • The program’s main goal is to help you improve your sociology optional score through a series of assessments and value-added classes (in the form of Test Discussion Classes).
  • The program covers the complete sociology optional syllabus and every topic in it.
  • Answers to each question are provided by sir with an explanation. Also, sociology optional previous years’ questions papers are discussed.
  • Sir provides complete assistance to the students with sociology optional coaching.

Why choose the sociology optional test series?

If you want to ace the UPSC exams and improve your scores, you can enrol in Aditya Mongra Sir sociology test series. UPSC sociology test series will assist students in assessing their preparedness for the UPSC MAINS examination. These sociology optional test series will benefit each student in a variety of ways.

New questions would be presented to the students. Students will study a variety of new types of questions when applying for the finest test series for sociology. This aids each pupil in acclimating to new situations and developing the ability to comprehend new questions.

You will learn the following concepts from Aditya Mongra’s sociology test series:

  • You will gain a better understanding of the question.
  • The students will learn how to format their answers with comparative and contemporary analysis.
  • Students will learn how to prepare a good Line of Argument with proper introduction, thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis.

Why choose Sociology with Aditya Mongra for sociology optional UPSC?

  • Strategy for continuous improvement- Aditya Mongra Sir provides the best sociology optional test series UPSC with comprehensive syllabus coverage and all the study material.
  • Strategy for Content Enrichment-He provides the best strategy for preparing the exam well. His strategies are marks oriented.
  • Strategies for Preparation- Sir prepares students to clear the sociology exam with good scores. For this, he provides handwritten notes along with information about current affairs and the latest information.
  • Online Sociology Optional Test Series- Aditya Mongra sir provides online test series for sociology. The entire course is online and it is the best online sociology test series UPSC.  

Information about our sociology test series 2022 online

Sociology by Aditya Mongra provides sociology test series for the upcoming season starting from June 2022. There are a total of 10 (8 Sectional and 2 Complete Syllabus Tests) and the total course fee is Rs. 17,700 (Basic Fee: Rs. 15,000 + 18% GST).

Apart from this, we also provide a sociology optional mini test series in which there are only 4 complete syllabus tests (2 tests each for sociology optional papers I & II). The total fee is Rs. 7,080 (Basic Fee Rs.6,000/- +18% GST).

The duration of both the sociology optional test series will be of 3 hours.

After the test series, individual feedback is provided to every student by Aditya Mongra sir.

Final Thoughts

The sociology optional preparation program is joined by many aspiring candidates to clear the exam in one go. For every aspiring candidate, choosing Sociology by Aditya Mongra is the best decision. Aditya Sir has adequate experience, knowledge and information needed for a student to get a good rank in the exam.

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  1. Which is the best test series for sociology optional UPSC?

Sociology by Aditya Mongra is the best institute for sociology test series. Aditya Sir provides the right and adequate guidance for students. The test is uniquely designed for the students to clear exam with good grades.

  • What is the best strategy to prepare for sociology optional?

The best sociology optional preparational strategy is to choose sociology optional test series offered by Aditya Mongra Sir in Delhi. He is highly experienced and knows adequate about sociology optional exam.

  • How to prepare for sociology test series online?

To prepare for online sociology test series in 2022, you should choose Sociology optional test series designed by Aditya Mongra Sir. Aditya Mongra sociology optional test series are popular among students who want to clear sociology optional IAS exam with good marks.

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