Strategy For Preparing Sociology Optional

Dear Candidate, you just need to sincerely follow the topic-specific instructions that would be provided during the course. You will never find yourself alone while preparing this subject because I will always be there beside you with some useful tips and vital inputs. If at any stage you need some clarification, you can freely contact me on phone, email, Facebook or website.

Now, you need to give at least three readings to the entire syllabus. But, these readings need to be done in a proper and professional manner. Remember, your aim is to qualify the Civil Services Examination, not to master the subject. If you keep this thing in mind, I assure you that you will never waste even a single minute on unnecessary pursuits for collecting unnecessary and irrelevant material available in the market. In order to qualify this examination, all you need to do is that you must focus upon understanding the principle arguments related to the mentioned topic in the syllabus and develop your own understanding out of it. I had already mentioned that conceptual clarity combined with its practical application in our daily life is the key to your success in the Civil Services Examination.

As far as these three readings are concerned, I want you to follow a very simple approach. In your first reading, just read these notes with a relaxed mind and try to understand the arguments. In your second reading, please underline or highlight the points that you think are important from the examination point of view. It is only in your third reading that you will refer to the suggested readings  that I have mentioned wherever necessary (that too only selectively). After having read these notes thrice, try to solve the questions previously asked in the Civil Services Examination on the given topic. Please make sure that you get each and every test evaluated so that I can suggest to you the corrective course of action before it is too late.

Just do this and see the difference in your preparation. You will not only be able to complete the entire syllabus in the shortest possible time but that too with conceptual clarity and good writing skills.

Important: Dear Candidate, after years of experience gained while preparing for this exam as well as in academics, I can say with firm conviction that this exam requires only one and a half year of dedicated and focused preparation. Generally those who take more time than this are the ones who either do not have the right guidance or realize the significance of these crucial aspects when it is already too late. In my view, an intensive but focused study of 3-4 months is more than sufficient to prepare Sociology optional for the civil services exam. I would also like to say that with regular answer-writing practice, a sincere candidate can easily score 250-300 marks, particularly in the new format of the Sociology Paper. I am sure that with these notes and with this approach you will start your preparations with an edge over other candidates. How far and how well you carry this advantage would largely depend upon the consistency and sincerity of your effort. Hence I request you to go through these notes step by step and follow the instructions sincerely.


All the Best!

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